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We offer application control technology suitable for customers' requirements.

  • If you want to use these applications with actual Hyundai Robotics robots, please be sure to fully understand how to use them for your safety. Please confirm the settings and instructions before operation of the robot, and comply with the robot safety regulations. In addition, the following software is the property of Hyundai Robotics. These software are meant only for supporting or educational purpose of Hyundai Robotics' robot, and it may not be used for other purposes. Sales and modification are prohibited.
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Name of product Description File (down load)
HRMaintenance for Android Provide help on Hyundai Hi4a/Hi5/Hi5a robot controller's error, warning and troubleshooting. HRMaintenance for Android v1.452
Hi6 Multipro PLC engineering SW for Hi6 Hi6 Multipro
HRHistoryViewer Read in ROBOT.ERR, ROBOT.STP, and display the list of error & stop and their detailed infomation. HRHistoryViewer v1.3.2
HRRpc library Windows DLL library for Remote monitor & control of Hi5/Hi5a robot controller. HRRpc library v2.1.4.2
FieldbusConfig Configuration file required for fieldbus network configuration(EDS, GSD, GSDML, CSP, ESI) FieldbusConfig(2016.04.18)
Hi5 TP510 The operating system of Hi5 teach pendant TP510 Hi5 TP510 OS v2.37
Hi5a TP511 The operating system of Hi5a teach pendant TP511 Hi5a TP511 OS v1.34
Hi5a TP520 OS The operating system of Hi5a teach pendant TP520 Hi5a TP520 OS v1.19
HRFileConv Convert Hi4 job program to Hi5 job program. HRFileConv v1.00b1
HRFileServer Remote file server for PC responding Hi5 LOADF/SAVEF statement HRFileServer v1.1.2