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New Year’s Ceremony and Assembly for Safety Resolution Held

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.01.07

New Year’s ceremony for 2020... “New challenge for the world"
On January 3, Hyundai Robotics held a New Year’s ceremony for 2020 at the Daegu Hyeonpung Plan with 100 employees.
In the New Year’s greeting, COO Seo Yoo Seong presented the direction and business strategies to which the company should be gearing
and emphasized the company’s management policies to venture into new business/new markets based on increased orders and sales, to secure a competitive edge in technology and cost as well as unparalleled technological prowess.
To satisfy business goals, the company is fully committed to develop and expand new businesses centering on the integration of robots into systems. And in a bid to position the company as a global leader, it seeks to establish a joint venture in China and a branch in Europe and attract new agencies.
Above all, COO Seo stated that he will reshuffle the current R&D system by continuously reinforcing the R&D personnel and generate exceptional internal and external outcomes compared to the competitors.
He accentuated, “We have overcome countless challenges and adversities so far, and will be reborn as the best robot company in the world. It is high time for Hyundai Robotics to rise above a mere leapfrog.”
The New Year’s ceremony ended with the “Assembly for Safety Resolution” to sustain the growth of business with zero-accident in 2020.
Video recording of the New Year’s ceremony