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Hyundai Robotics Becomes the First Sponsor for Futuristic Vehicle Exhibition Hall

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.01.15
Donated 100 million KRW worth of exhibits and agreed to sponsor 10 million KRW

Hyundai Robotics has committed to donating 110 million KRW worth of exhibits to Daegu National Science Museum and promised to sponsor.
The donated exhibits marked the “first private-funded exhibit” in “Futuristic Vehicle Exhibition Hall,” which is to open in Daegu National Science Museum in March 2021.
Hyundai Robotics explained that it hoped the donation may serve to inform the public about the significance of robot, a core scientific technology in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and about the underlying scientific principles in robots.  COO Seo Yoo Seong addressed, “As a local company in Daegu, we will do our best to contribute more to the community by faithfully playing a part as a business and carry out accountable business activities.”
He also said that as a member of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, he will endeavor to make the company “respectful” that can fulfill its duty as a corporate citizen by participating in various social contribution activities.
The first donated exhibit with the theme of “smart factory” allows visitors to see the manufacturing process of the factory that is usually unavailable to the public, and it shows the process of three industrial robots assembling cars. It is currently displayed in the 2nd permanent Exhibition Hall in Daegu National Science Museum enjoying popularity among visitors. Later, it will be moved to the Futuristic Vehicle Exhibition Hall upon its completion in early 2021.