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COO of Hyundai Robotics Visits Overseas Sites During Lunar New Years Holiday

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.01.30
VOCs of overseas clients were heard to “sharpen its competitive edge” during the Lunar New Years Holidays!

Following the visit to the clients in Eastern Europe last September, COO Seo Yoo Seong of Hyundai Heavy Industries continued his global management activities by visiting the clients in India even during the Lunar New Year’s Holiday.
During the Lunar New Year’s holidays, he attended IMTEX 2020 during the holidays on January 27, 2020, to figure out the global market trend, and inspected the local companies to find new clients in India.
On January 28, he visited major clients like Kia Motors India Corporate and listened to VOCs and discussed cooperation methods.
[Built on a total area of 2.16 million ㎡, Kia Motors India Plant is a state-of-the-art finished car manufacturing plant with a maximum annual production capacity of 300,000 units, and more than 450 robots from Hyundai Robotics installed in the mass production lines.]
Also, he visited the India plant of Hyundai Construction Equipment and discussed cooperation measures concerning key technologies such as heavy plate welding automation and the ways to increase automation. With all this, Hyundai Robotics plans to fortify future cooperation in an attempt to assist Hyundai Construction Equipment, which assumed the 2nd position against its global competitors, to beef up its local competencies in India, a market also known as “post-China.”