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Robot Newspaper’s Special Interview

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.02.12

Celebrating 2020, the year of the white rat, Robot Newspaper interviewed the CEOs of leading robot companies in Korea. And in February, the newspaper met COO Seo Yoo Seong from Hyundai Robotics, the best robot company in Korea.
In the interview, COO Seo came up with not just the sales increase in China but also the company’s European branch establishment and market diversification strategies for 2020. Furthermore, he also displayed a sense of confidence in ascending market share with new product launches like the cooperation robot, next-gen industrial robot, and vacuum robot by broadening the product line-up.
He also disclosed the plan to establish Hyundai Robotics, the new subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, formed by physical division. He said that he expects to form a clear identity and independence as a company specializing in robots and be able to secure strategic investments with a more palpable growth potential of the robot industry. In so doing, he portrayed that the company would certainly outstrip the domestic leader and become the world's global total robot solution company aided by aggressive investment in its key technological competencies in five years.
He added that the company would not settle for unit sales of robots but aspire to offer services with cost-saving features regarding maintenance and repair for customers such as fault prognostic system based on robot’s monitoring system and others.  The robots will be sold in a package with such services, and the operation solution that can build a smart factory in the manufacturing industry will be proposed. He has also stated the company’s plan to enter the service robot and collaboration robot markets in sanguine anticipation.
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