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HHI Group to Bolster the AI Industry via Industry-University Cooperation

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.02.20
▶ “AI One Team” Formed with 5 Other Organizations including KT, KAIST, Hanyang University, and ETRI
▶ “Creating AI Open Ecosystem,” “AI HR Developing Platform…” Aiming to strengthen 
AI competitiveness in Korea
▶ HHI Group joins as the flagship company of the industry with a view to expand the “AI business ecosystem related to the smart shipyard and smart factory”

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group is joining hands with industry-university cooperation to heighten the competitiveness of the Korean AI industry.
It announced on February 20, 2020, that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KT, KAIST, Hanyang University, and ETRI in the main building of KAIST in Daejeon to sharpen the AI industry’s competitive edge, and formed its consultative body, “AI One Team.”
Under the MOU, the organizations agreed to join forces to enhance the nation’s AI technology capabilities by ▲ Fostering an AI open ecosystem ▲ Identifying and spreading AI-applied innovation cases ▲ Building an AI HR development platform, and ▲ Establishing an alliance secretariat.
On the day of the signing ceremony, guests from Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings (Vice President Chung Gi-seon, Management Support Division), Hyundai Robotics (COO Seo Yoo Seong, Head of Robotics Business), KT (Koo Hyeon-mo, CEO nominee) KAIST (President Shin Sung-chul), Hanyang University (President Kim Woo-seung), ETRI (President Kim Myung-joon), and Ministry of Science and ICT (2nd Vice Minister Jang Seok-young) attended.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Group set out to expand the “AI + business ecosystem” as the industry representative of the “AI One Team.” As the world’s top shipbuilding and Korea’s top robot company, it is planning to actively discover the examples of successful AI applications to industrial sites and jointly develop customized technologies with the affiliated companies.
Particularly, as Hyundai Robotics intends to integrate robots with AI technologies in the smart factories and share its extraordinary innovations and technologies with SMEs and venture businesses, it actively helps spread Korean-style AI technologies throughout the Korean industries.
AI is a core technology in digital transformation that brings about a fundamental change in the industry, and it is forecasted that the speed and pace of the change will be much faster and widespread. In December of last year, the government announced the “National AI Strategy” and declared that it would uplift the nation’s digital competitiveness, which as ranked 10th at the time, to 3rd by 2030 with AI technology development and investment. Also, in January this year, it announced in the Presidential report that it would foster 1,270 specialists in the AI sector and grow the market size of the data industry to 10 trillion KRW under the guidance of MSIT.
Vice President Chung Gi-seon from Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings said, “I am delighted to become a member of AI One Team with Korea’s best organizations that take the initiative in the Industry 4.0. Building on the development of the AI industry, I will do my best to reinvigorate the Korean manufacturers, including shipbuilding and robots.”
Hyundai Robotics signed “5G-based Robot/Smart Factory Business Cooperation (MOU)” with KT on May last year and announced its voice-recognizing collaborative robot and the progress in 5G-based monitoring system implementation on November, shaping the “digital transformation” that integrates manufacturing with ICT based on AI technology in its smart factory business.