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Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Establishes and Subsequently Incorporates Its Logistic Subsidiary - Hyundai L&S

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.03.03

Hyundai Robotics & Hyundai L&S advance to the smart logistics business
On March 2, 2020, Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings established a smart logistics automation company Hyundai L&S (CEO: Seo Yoo Seong, Park Jong-seok), with domestic logistics specialist Asetec and brought them under its wing.
Reassured by the rapid growth of the mobile/online distribution market and the growth potential of the logistics automation market in response to a paradigm shift to the large-scale logistics, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group made the decision to develop a new logistics automation market equipped with robots and autonomous driving facilities.
Hyundai L&S plans to provide customers with differentiated solutions from the existing businesses through the linkage between the Hyundai Robotics’ robots and Hyundai L&S’s logistics automation facilities. In particular, all of its picking/unloading/loading/checking/packaging tasks will be performed by the handling robots and AGVs, realizing the true unmanned and smart solution.
Hence, Hyundai Robotics will be able to offer its software and hardware to logistics, let alone manufacturing.
Seo Yoo Seong, the COO of Hyundai Robotics, said, “The robot automation market has a huge potential, and we are going to take advantage of Hyundai Robotics’ robots and logistics automation solutions to lead the smart logistics business.”