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Hyundai Robotics Officially Launches

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.05.13

Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Proceeds with Physical Division of Robotics

On May 1st, Hyundai Robotics officially launched as a new company to reinforce the rapidly growing robotics business.

At the annual board meeting on March 25th, Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings decided that the robotics business department will be demerged through physical division and be established as a new subsidiary company called Hyundai Robotics.The newly launched company is called "Hyundai Robotics" and Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings owns 100% of its stake. Vice President Yoo-Seong Seo, who has been in charge of the robotics business department, will be the first president of Hyundai Robotics.

By launching a stand-alone company, Hyundai Robotics establishes a clear identity and independence, and by emphasizing the growth potential of the robotics industry, which is at the center of the 4th industrial revolution, they are aiming to secure strategic investments.

As a business strategy, Hyundai Robotics will expand from manufacturing industrial and cleaning robots, which are currently the company's main business areas, to the smart factory business, which includes fault prediction systems based on a robot monitoring system to reduce the client's maintenance fees.
Hyundai Robotics also established its subsidiary company Hyundai L&S in the logistics automation business, which is growing rapidly in the distribution market, to extend its scope of business.

In addition, they will be launching a diverse line of products that include small high-speed handling robots and cobots and mobile service robots targeting the electronics industry.

An official from Hyundai Robotics stated, "Through the demerger, we expect to strengthen profitability and build business competitiveness by ensuring independence and expertise of management. This is our starting point to become more than the No.1 company in Korea and become a global total solution provider for the robotics industry.”