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President Yoo-Seong Seo Receives Daegu Mayor Award

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.06.19

Receives Daegu Mayor Award at the 114th Anniversary of the Founding of the Daegu Chamber of Commerce & Industry


The Daegu Chamber of Commerce & Industry held a celebration for their 114th anniversary on April 29 and presented plaques of commendation and appreciation to corporations and workers who contributed to advancing the local economy.

On this day, President Yoo-Seong Seo of Hyundai Robotics was given the Daegu Mayor Award, which is the highest award from this event.

President Seo has been the president of Hyundai Robotics since November 2018 and has worked on gaining work contracts with domestic and foreign companies, entering overseas markets and establishing corporations, and increasing investments in research and development in order to expand the market and enter new industries so that Hyundai Robotics can grow from being the No. 1 producer of industrial robotics in Korea to become the finest in the global market. He was given this award because the company has established a basis for the domestic robot field and related industries, which will lead the 4th industrial revolution.

President Seo established Hyundai Robotics as a new company on May 1 and is pioneering "change and innovation" in the robot industry with the goal of becoming 5th in the global market with a revenue of KRW 1 trillion.