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Hyundai Robotics - Asan Medical Center - KT join hands for smart hospital solutions

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.07.20

Asan Medical Center - Hyundai Robotics - KT made a business agreement for the development of smart hospital solutions.
 "By using big data, robots, and ICT, the best treatment services will be provided to patients, and the safest hospital will be built "

Hyundai Robotics signed an MoU with Asan Medical Center and KT for joint development and commercialization of smart hospital solutions on June 30th. The company is planning to prepare for the post-corona era with a smart hospital solution for infection management by ICT-based digital transformation.


The three companies are going to cooperate in developing "Untact (non-contact) treatment for infection control in the hospital,"that connects patients who visited the COVID-19 screening center and hospital clinics through imaging solutions, "non-face-to-face real-time care (smart patient management)" that provides medical services by identifying the inpatient location and health status with wearable devices, IoT sensors, and medical imaging solutions,"Smart logistics management solution" that automates the management of goods and assets in the hospital, based on robots.


KT will be in charge of developing the medical DX platform and solutions utilizing ICT capability, including 5G, AI, and cloud, and Hyundai Robotics will build automated equipment with robots.

Asan Medical Center is planning to take the lead in implementing a smart hospital based on the knowledge and experience in the medical industry. In addition, Asan Medical Center is planning to promote smart hospital solution Proof of Concept (PoC), and based on this, it will carry out the Digital Transformation (DX) project in the medical field where untact (non-contact) treatment solution is required.


Hong-beom Jeon, the head and vice president of the KT's AI/DX Convergence Business Group said, "The cooperation between the three companies is the first business cooperation since the investment was made in Hyundai Robotics in June, and it will contribute to the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases in medical institutions through the development of smart infection management solution." He also said, "Preparing the post-corona era, we will keep promoting the Digital Transformation to contribute to the change of people's lives and innovation of the medical industry through ICT capabilities." 


Sang-do Lee, the president and CEO of Asan Medical Center said, "Keeping up with the stream of the hyper-connected society that connects everything including people, things, data, etc. through a network, we will constantly build the smart hospital system to provide the best treatment services to our patients and strive to make the safest hospital."


Yoo-sung Seo, CEO of Hyundai Robotics (vice president), said, "The combination of the world-class robot and control, logistics automation technology possessed by Hyundai Robotics and KT's AI and ICT technology will enable us to provide a more advanced smart medical solution in the medical field.” He also added, "The three companies will work together to improve the quality of people's lives and contribute to medical innovation."