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Mobile Service Robot R&D Presentation

Author 홈페이지관리 | Date 2020.06.19
Hyundai Robotics Officially Enters the Mobile Service Robot Market

Hyundai Robotics held an R&D presentation for the mobile service robot UNI at their Yongin Research Lab on May 15 (Fri). The 1st part of the presentation was a demonstration, and the 2nd part consisted of a presentation of their achievements.

During the demonstration, the service was able to analyze an image file of a person, recognize the camera, and provide voice responses. They also demonstrated automatic driving and sensing technology through spatial mapping, setting tasks in each sector, and other various applied technologies. 

During the research achievement presentation that followed, they presented achievements in mobile service robot research and mentioned their plans for future projects. Various user-friendly functions garnered interest, such as the text message delivery service and voice guidance service. The automatic driving function through the AMR system was highly rated for its high compatibility. Last was a time to analyze the industry and discuss the blueprint that UNI must move toward in the future based on an objective market evaluation.

UNI is scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year, and they are currently implementing it in various plans such as hotel delivery services. They are planning to research various other applications, including office guidance services, security, air purifiers, etc.

Chief Dong-Jae Lee, who is head of the Hyundai Robotics Application Control Research Team and has stood at the forefront of mobile service development, stated, "As untact (no-contact) services are becoming more and more important, people are taking an interest in mobile robots. However, the Korean mobile robot market is still very much behind because we are unable to offer competitive prices," and "Hyundai Robotics will work harder to make mobile robots more accessible to everyone in the future."