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History and development of Hyundai Robotics.

2011년 ~ 현재

  • 2020

    05 Officially launch of Hyundai Robotics

    03 Establishment of Hyundai L&S(Logistics&Solution)

  • 2019

    08 Extension of Clean Room for Testing 11th generation LCD Panel Robot

    07 Achieve accumulated production of 10,000 units of HS220.

    03 Establishment of a joint venture with HGZN, China

    01 Establishment of chinese corporation(Shanghai)

  • 2018

    12 Signed a joint venture agreement with HGZN, China

    04 Opened its Bundang office (Hanseo Building / expanded its office to KAST)

    04 Launched Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • 2017

    04 Apr. Founding Hyundai Robotics Co., Ltd. (Division from Hyundai Heavy Industries)

    02 Feb. Completing the construction of a new plant in Daegu (Capable of producing 8,000 units per year)

  • 2016

    12 Developing a painting robot and a vacuuming robot

    04 Developing the high-speed 10.5 generation LCD transport robot

  • 2015

    12 Owning 44 types of model on sale (26 industrial ones, 18 cleaning ones)

    07 Organizing the Robot Business Division

    03 Developing the Korea's first 10.5 generation large cleaning LCD transport

  • 2011

    12 Having the 'cleaning robot' selected as the top global product

    06 Have the robot plant extended (Capable of producing 4,500 units per year)

2000년 ~ 2010년

  • 2010

    12 Being awarded with the presidential prize at the Intelligent Robot Technology Awards

    07 Developing the 'robot monitoring system'

  • 2009

    10 Winning a contract on manufacturing around 200 cleaning LCD transport robots

    07 Succeeding in localizing robots for press automation lines

    04 Succeeding in localizing the 4th generation cleaning LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) transport robots

  • 2008

    12 Being awarded with the International Industrial Design Award for the ‘industrial robot controller'

    10 Developing the self-driving cleaning panel transport robot

    10 Developing the 6th generation cleaning LCD transport robot

    09 Acquiring 「New Technology (NET)」 Certificate on the serial robot motion control system

    04 Advancing to new industrial robot and electronic areas (Succeeding in localizing the 8th generation cleaning robot)

    01 Starting the cleaning robot business

    01 Having the ‘industrial robot' selected as the top global product

  • 2007

    12 Developing the 8th generation LCD transport robot / developing the robot cooperation control system (Being awarded with Jang Yeong-sil Award)

  • 2005

    11 Developing new serial link models (HA006 and two more)

    10 Exceeding 10,000 industrial robots produced in total for the first time in Korea

  • 2000

    12 Exceeding 5,000 industrial robots produced in total

    09 Having the 6-axis articulated robot selected as the Product of the Korean Millennium

    08 Having the 6-axis articulated robot selected as Excellent Industrial Design (GD)

    03 Advancing to European market


  • 1999

    12 Starting the industrial robot business (Expiration of the technical tie-up with Nachi)

  • 1996

    03 Exceeding 3,000 industrial robots produced in total

  • 1995

    11 Developing an independent industrial robot model (HR120 and one more)

    09 Being awarded with the Industrial Technical Innovation Award for the ‘6-axis articulated robot’

  • 1994

    10 Developing a large 5-axis orthogonal robot independently (Being awarded with Jang Yeong-sil Award)

  • 1993

    09 Being incorporated into the Engine Machinery Business Headquarters at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

  • 1988

    07 Establishing Hyundai Robot Industries Co., Ltd. (Division from Hyundai Heavy Industries)

  • 1987

    10 Completing the construction of the largest robot plant in Korea (Capable of producing 300 units per year)

    04 Starting to manufacture industrial robots

  • 1986

    05 Starting to operate a robot assembly plant

  • 1985

    06 Advancing to robot industry

    05 Entering into a technical partnership with N company in Japan

  • 1984

    10 Organizing a robot squad inside the Hyundai Heavy Industries Research Institute of Welding Technology